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Client Testimonials

Read what other Mums have said about their TENS experience

"The TENS was awesome.  I used this along with movement to progress to 8cm and was pleasantly surprised at its effectiveness.  Awesome service, thanks so much!"

T. Curd

"During the latent phase of my labour, my happy place was on a yoga ball with the TENS unit.  I firmly believe the TENS unit, paired with yoga ball and breathing techniques kept me at home for longer...my midwife was surprised...great investment!"

J. Smith

"It was great thanks.  Was a really fast labor and it really helped break the intensity."

C.  Sanderson


"The first 2hrs were manageable  with contractions 10mins apart and they quickly went to just 4mins apart lasting about 1min each...the TENS unit was incredibly helpful-I absolutely loved it and it was really effective...I had planned to have water birth when we got to the birthing centre but the TENS was working so well, and I liked having that control, I wasn't even willing to attempt to take it off haha. So with the help of the TENS unit,  a yoga ball and gas, baby was born an hour later :)"

A. Hardy


"The TENS unit was great, once you left we ended up heading into hospital about 30 min later. I had the unit on until we had the bath run (took about an hour) I was only in the bath a short time and baby arrived. It was a very quick labour, all up 4 hours, and so much better than my first labour with my son which took 12 hours. Thanks again for going out of your way to bring it over that day. "

J. Houltram


"The TENS unit was a huge help through my early labour. It seemed to 'dull' down the intensity of my contractions and provided me with a distraction when the contractions came on. I definitely noticed the difference with the intensity of contractions when I removed the TENS unit from time to time".
M. Arnold


"I found the TENS machine to be an effective pain relief during labour. The unit was simple to use and Eden's short tutorial left me with everything I needed to know to get the most out of the unit. During the contractions the accelerated buzz reduced the pain and gave me something else to focus on. Using the TENS allowed me to stay at home for longer than I would have without it, and when at hospital, I found that the TENS and gas worked really well together.

Thank you Eden!"



"I am now a mother of two and I used a TENS unit in both of my labours.  In terms of self help pain relief I found the TENS machine by far the most effective way of helping with labour pain.  This system creates a good distraction in the early stages and acts as a good block in the later stages of labour.  I also felt in control as with the TENS unit you can set it at a level comfortable for you.  I would definitely recommend using a TENS unit. Delivery and payment is all very easy with Eden, and if you've never used one before Eden takes the time to explain and demonstrate the machine.  Also great value for money.  So thank you Eden, I will recommend you to my friends."

S. Reed